07/31/2015 03:52

Amazon Web Store Closing Up From 2016

As you are aware as of now that Amazon Webstore has recently announced that they are closing the Amazon Webstore platform from July, 2016. So  now time for all the existing webstore users to start looking at other options and alternate platforms to migrate their online shops to avoid loosing any seo rankings and sales they got over the time. Its really important to make a decision on time before we will have plenty of time to move towards to more stable platform.

There are a lot of ecommerce platforms available online which you have heard about but some of the successful and excellent platforms that we recommend is Shopify.

“Don’t worry, you can smoothly move to shopify from amazon webstore “

Shopify and its benefits:-

We would suggest you to start thinking about the migration and plan it on time as if you wait to the last minute, it can cause a data loss, sales and traffic loss and it will not be easier to migrate your design to new platform at last minute. Than run and give your worries to Mr.Shopify .